Plants & Wildlife


There is no other place in the Bonita Springs area where you can enjoy an 80-year-old botanical jungle.

This treasure was established in 1936 by the Piper brothers, who began a collection of trees native to Southwest Florida as well as the Caribbean and South America. Through three generations, these very trees have grown into creating the lush canopy they provide us today. The property presented the perfect botanical opportunity for the addition of orchids, bamboos, bromeliads and other specimens that continues today.

What a beautiful, lush, natural backdrop our botanical jungle offers for the many exhibits housing our family of rescued exotic birds. Our collection of rescued reptiles also have found a forever home in the Gardens, many within the original exhibit spaces on the property.

Wildlife Encounter Policy:  Wildlife encounters are at the sole discretion of the wildlife staff and cannot be scheduled in advance.  We do NOT guarantee one-on-one displays or interaction of any of our wildlife.  Exhibited displays can change without notice.