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The FlamCam is live!

Watch Amigo the Flamingo and the rest of the flamboyance (a flock of flamingos) as they feed, preen and explore the beautiful flamingo lagoon and the Terry & Arlene Riegel Flamingo Beach. 

Not only flamingos are posing in front of the FlamCam, but many other feathered friends make an appearance, such as the visiting white ibis and members of our resident peafowl collection. Picasso the Peacock is the big blue one and the white peacock is Prince Pierre.

Keep checking back during the course of the day as the flamingos are fed around 8 am and again around 4 pm. Then, at night, you never know what you are going to see. 

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Butterfly Garden Tour

Lorikeet Encounter

Our Residents

The Wonder Gardens is home to a diverse family! From Florida Alligators and Flamingos to beautiful macaws, pythons, turtles, tortoises and even Chinese Golden Pheasants – Add the vibrant botanical collection and we have something to interest every member of your family!

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Rock - a - by - birdie at the #evergladeswondergardens
Thank you to the Bird Garden of Naples for continuing to bring their amazingly friendly birds to the Wonder Gardens for guests to enjoy.

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